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Even though Major Ed Dames has concluded his final national training tour (The Farewell Tour), there is still a big demand for in-person training and Killshot related session requests from the people all over the world. Major Ed Dames is one of the only instructors in the world with a professional team of viewers that continue to research real-world enigmas, targets related to national security, and Killshot sanctuary locations.

As a result, Major Ed Dames is dedicated to continuing to help individuals either learn RV or review session requests while current social structure stays intact. If you're interested in private training or would like to make a session request, please use the form below to contact Major Ed Dames directly.

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Major Dames' active and global operations may require changes in availability. Requested training dates or session work are typically offered on a first come first serve, or priority, basis. Submitting a training request does not guarantee training or availability from Major Ed Dames and all pricing or fees from personal training or session work is discussed between you and Major Ed Dames.
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